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Livid Nightmare


"Y-You wanted to talk to me?"  she asked, sniffling as she rubbed her face again.  She was beginning to feel a bit better, seeing Darkrai acting like his normal self.  It brought comfort to her.  "I-I….I didn’t think anyone cared that…th-th-that much about m-me…I thought I-I wasn’t th-that important c-c-c-compared to Arceus, G-G-Groudon, Virus, H-Hikari, and….a-and the others."

"What makes you different from them? Everyone deserves to be cared about, or to have a shoulder to cry on. It’s not a matter of where you come from or your past, it’s just a matter of…Be a sentient being I guess."

◐ As he was tired, he slowly lies down, sighing softly. It seems whatever he wanted to talk about had to wait.

Livid Nightmare

Memory picked her head up after a moment, her eyes dark and slightly red where they were supposed to be white.  She hadn’t cried so much in such a long time, or been so afraid…or wanted to die so badly.  She wondered if that was why Primal kept asking people to kill him; he secretly wanted an escape too.  Her heart throbbed.

"I was so…scared." she managed to say, looking at Darkrai and swallowing hard.  "I th-thought I’d lost you…pl-please never s-s-sacrifice your life for mine…it’s not worth it."  she said gently, trying to get control of herself.  

"Don’t say that. You are as worth living than anyone else. I’ve been in worse situations than falling from the highest floor of a mansion and breaking both your legs, an arm and a few ribs and having to be bound to a bed for several months…"

◐ Darkrai shrugs before wincing from pain on his broken arm.

"Before all that, I was only able to save you because I wanted to talk to you."

A Nightmare Encounter | daakurai


   It was simply a trip to Sinnoh, he hadn’t really thought about why he was here or what to do. He simply thought it would give him some peace of mind to get away from home. To try and maybe find a way to relax as well as forget the problems he made for himself. Yet the moment he remembered a story of a nightmare inducing pokemon Darkrai he was curious. So instead of relaxing began to looking around for the dark pokemon.

   His Umbreon looked a bit weary about this as he went looking for the pokemon. Trying to ask around but most either didn’t want to, didn’t know much, or said things that weren’t really important or helpful.


   ”Ugh, this is frusterating…” Hilbert muttered, earning a small whine from his pokemon. “Look just ONE more person, can’t just stop while started and it’s a Legendary they aren’t easy to catch,”

   Looking around he then spotted a man from behind, noticing he looked a bit like the odd one out. Hilbert’s brown eyes lighting up as he gets up and runs toward the man getting a good feeling. Earning a call from the pokemon who was less then pleased that it’s trainer wasn’t giving up the search. 

   ”Hey! Can I talk to you for a minute!?”

◐ Darkrai’s heart hurt a bit when he heard someone yelling at him. Even now he is traumatized by that, when he was a child and constantly chased by adult men.

…But it was a boy’s voice, he couldn’t do much, right? Or maybe he just wanted to talk to him? He looks behind him to see a teenager boy, along with an Umbreon. Just an ordinary trainer, maybe he was lost.

"Hm…What do you want?"

I love how mysterious you make Darkrai. I've been RPing with you for a few months, and you'd think I have his character memorized by now. He still surprises me with the things he does or says, and it keeps me guessing.


Livid Nightmare

Memory’s eyes widened, and she looked up at Darkrai for the first time since he woke up.  Her eyes were wide and dark, filled with thick tears that had since soaked her pale face.  She searched his eyes and face, wondering if she had misheard him.  He…didn’t hate her?  She swallowed the knot in her throat, and more tears began to flow.  But this time, it was tears of happiness.  She reached a pale, trembling hand up and touched his face, staring up at him.  She didn’t know what to say.  What DID a person say to another who had given their life to save them, and was STILL willing to protect them even in an ailed state?  She had no words.  She stood up and leaned over, gently putting her face on his chest where he wasn’t hurt.  She said the only thing she could think to say, the only thing that came to mind.

"I love you."

◐ It hurt a bit when Memory leaned her head on his chest, but he couldn’t just push her away, she was in a very delicate situation, even though things seemed to calm down.

Darkrai just places his left hand on her head in a comforting way, sighing. He didn’t seem bothered by her words, as if he knew what she meant by them. He had no clue how to reply.




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